WantedDesign Manhattan

I’m excited to show in the Look Book section at WantedDesign in Manhattan this year. Look Book is a “dedicated program for high-end North American designers and entrepreneurs who want to connect with interior designers and architects at WantedDesign Manhattan. Serving as an in-person portfolio, Look Book allows members of the A&D community to connect with designers in their own exhibit spaces and shop the latest products before, during and after WantedDesign.”

I will present new designs made in collaboration with three different manufacturers that utilize natural cork and recycled or upcycled cotton textiles from the garment industry. Products are manufactured with sustainable materials in Portugal and the United States and include floor mats, throw blankets and multi-functional storage vessels.

Keep Vessels for Corral

Recycled Cotton Blankets for In2Green

Cork + Cotton Rugs in collaboration with SuGo