Chilewich Design Strategy

I consulted with Chilewich on a project to research new applications for their unique woven textile, specifically strategizing new acoustic and architectural applications for commercial and hospitality markets. Chilewich is a manufacturer of innovative woven vinyl products for tabletop, flooring, upholstery and wall applications. The products are extremely durable and easy to maintain and have a long life cycle, providing long-term sustainability for their users.

Sandy Chilewich, founder and Creative Director of Chilewich | Sultan LLC, spoke of our work together. “We retained Kelly as a consultant to provide an outside perspective on what additional uses there might be for our own woven textiles. Kelly, like Chilewich, expanded wool felt– another underutilized material–into so many commercial and residential applications. We felt her experience and taste level would bring a new perspective. Kelly provided a study of the market with fresh eyes and presented opportunities for us to consider. Her presentation was beautiful and she was a pleasure to work with.”