HBF Textiles Collection

The Up Collection for HBF Textiles is inspired by living in the city. Patterns, textures, and color shifts are constantly changing throughout the day.

“I look up a lot. I’m an avid cloud watcher and architectural façade enthusiast, but I’m also looking down as I’m walking around, noticing brick patterns, seemingly unglamorous utility covers, and sewer grates.” 

–Kelly Harris Smith

The Up Collection captures the essence of city life through durable, highly cleanable textiles and recycled fibers. Upcycled polyester yarns are made from recycled water bottles which speaks perfectly to how a city is constantly regenerating. In addition, all five patterns serve a dual purpose for both upholstery and wrapped panel applications, meeting both flame code requirements. Four of the patterns within the Up Collection are crafted in the United States at family and employee owned mills. View the full collection and request samples here

Photos: Bob O’Connor